Fajr:  5:30AM    Zuhr: 1:15 PM      Asr: 5:15 PM      Magrib: On Time     Isha: 9:15 PM     Juma: 1:10 PM
  1. Youth Development: organized programs introduced for Youth - MY-NBIC Meetings - Generally Friday Nights at 6:30PM. Sisters youth Mentorship - 4TH Sunday of every month at 12:30PM. Rahima - Parents of Special Needs Children. 3RD Sunday of every month at 11AM.
    Connecting People
  2. Minds -Education: Safina Society classes for adults and children. Sunday Morning Halaqa - Every Sunday at 10AM. Family Nights 2nd and 4th Friday of Every Month. Quran for Kids - Every Monday and Wednesday - 6:30PM.
    Educating The Community
  3. HEARTS-Dhikr Night every 1ST and 3RD Friday of the month. HEARTS- Building Strong Families: Ongoing Counseling for families; Specialized workshops and seminars.
    Connecting Through Tradition
  4. Five Daily Prayers Juma Prayer Traweeh Prayer Hosting Iftar and Sahoor Eid Prayers Eclipse Prayers Main part of over lives is worshiping The Beloved through the prescribed acts and practices of out righteous predecessors.
    Holding On To The Rope
  1. Ladies Night! 1ST and 3RD Wednesday of every month at 7PM. A time to share, learn and socialize for Sisters. Naseeha - Women's Support Group. 1ST Sunday of every month at 11AM. Sister's fitness classes Saturday, Also organized Sisters in Step group (8 Weeks starting Sunday April 10TH).
  2. Service-Soup Kitchen every 3rd Friday of the month, in New Brunswick from 4-7 PM. Periodic fundraisers and walks for charitable causes. Periodic health clinic and legal clinic, etc. Doing our part and helping uplift ourselves in the process.
    Helping Out
  3. Outreach- Interfaith events, government agencies, open houses, joint initiatives. Participating in the larger conversation.
    Connecting To The Greater Community
  4. Nature- Hikes, Beach tips, Deap Sea Fishing outings, Picnics. Getting in tough with God's creation.
    His Signs
To help change the direction of our lives as a community from looking and working for the fleeting to looking and working towards  The Eternal.  To help each and everyone seeking the path laid down by God and illuminated by the Prophet and handed down to us by the practices of our rightly guided predecessors.   We desire to be the most beloved of communities to our Lord, and we seek His grace through education, service, building strong families, youth development and community outreach.
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HijabFest is a celebration of one of the largest markers of faith, the head-covering Muslim women wear in obedience to their Lord.
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